uses a free service called NameTags to make sharing contact information a little easier.

The card you received has 's vCard attached to make it easy to import into your address book.

Return the favor by responding to the card with your email signature. NameTags will convert your signature into a vCard and send it back to .*

Hopefully we made this contact exchange a little easier. Have a productive day!

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* No spam. No marketing. Your contact information is only used to send to in a way that is efficient to import into their address boook.

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Business Cards

Email-based business cards.
Sent without leaving your email.
Automate data entry for you
and your contacts.

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Sending your email-based card is as simple as sending an email and bcc'ing 'card@nam.tg'.

Why send your contact info via email? Email is searchable. Mobile phons import vCards in email wihtout a hitch. Your contact is one click away from contacting you. Not only that, NameTags automates the data entry so you'll actually remember who you meet.

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One-Click Import (vCard)

You contact details are attached to your card in vCard format - allowing for easy importing into any adress book


A growing number of people search their email to remember people and find contact information. Your card was built to be found.


When your contact digs up your card a year from now, are they going to remember you? With a photo and summary text, your chances are a lot better!

Stay Organized

Every card you send is logged in a nice, organized list allowing you remember who you gave your card to and how to get back in touch.

Automate Data Entry

NameTags can gather contact information on your recipient from their emai, as well as publicly available social networks.

Notes and Reminders

Are you going to remember to follow up with that person you just met? Or even who they are? NameTags can help.